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Custom Workstations / Modular Assembly Tables  

Custom Workstations / Modular Assembly Tables ensure reliability and increased productivity with targeted and optimized use of capacities with minimal effort.

Flexi custom workstations enables to design your own individual workstation solution. Either you can choose from our standard workstations with fixed dimensions or custom configure to suit your specific demands. Our assembly workstations are economical and come along with versatile components such as

  • Workstation lighting

  • Power supply to integrate socket / power strips, cables

  • Pneumatic Airline set

  • ESD sheet & wheels

  • SOP Pinup Board - Positioning of Information for ease of access

  • Ergonomically designed Storage spaces / Bins to support work process

  • Optimized Positioning of tools to reduce fatigue & ensures flawless working sequence

Assembly Tables & Workstations

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